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☞왕자님 김기범☜

"Prince Kim Ki Bum" - A Kim Ki Bum Fan Community

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Established July 11th, 2006

왕자님 김기범 팬 클럽 { Prince Kim Ki Bum Community Rules }

Welcome to the Prince Kim Ki Bum (왕자님 김기범 홈페이지) Live Journal Community!
This is the first LJ community fully dedicated to our lovely Kim Ki Bum.
FYI: This is a fan community for the Korean entertainer Kim Ki Bum (김기범) from the boy band "Super Junior" (슈퍼주니어).

There are a few important rules that you must follow to remain a member of this community. So please read the following message before joining:

{★} '왕자님 김기범' (Prince Kim Ki Bum) RULES {★}

  • Be nice and courteous to all members!
  • Always CREDIT your sources!
  • If you take/use something CREDIT "Prince Kim Ki Bum"!
  • Please use lj-cuts when post-heavy & lock posts!
  • Only post things related to Kim Ki Bum or Super Junior!
  • NO: spam or illegal material!

These are the things that you can post at this community:

  • Photos (fanart, caps, icons, graphics, etc)
  • Downloadable media (mp3, music videos, dramas, etc)
  • News & Rumors (specify if it's a rumor)
  • Fan Fiction (short stories, poems, fictions, etc)
  • Fan Rants (feelings about Kim Ki Bum/Super Junior)
  • Request for Kim Ki Bum/Super Junior media
  • Self Introduction Posts (we want to get to know you!)
  • Anything else related to Kim Ki Bum/Super Junior

Yes, you may post links/advertisements! (But please not too many!)

김기범 프로파일 { All About Kim Ki Bum }

{☆} 김기범 PROFILE {☆}


이름: 김기범
출생: 1987년 08월 21일
신체: 신장-177cm
소속: SM기획 12인조 그룹 슈퍼 주니어
데뷔: SM 미주지역 베스트 선발대회 `얼굴짱`(2002)
경력: TV: 레인보우 로망스(2005), 반올림2(2005), KBS '4월의 키스' 이정진 아역(2004),

CF: KTF학생복 '엘리트 베이직'


Name: Kim Ki Bum
Date of Birth: 08/21/1987
Height: 177 cm
Affiliation: SM Town's 12-member group 'Super Junior'
Debut: 'Best face' in the American Area by SM (2002)
Career: TV: Rainbow Romance (2005), Sharp2 (2005), KBS '4th Month Kiss' Lee Jung Jin Ah Yuhk (2004), CF: KTF Student Uniform 'Elite Basic'

Translated by: smilepeacenow
Original Source: yahoo.co.kr

More updated information on Kim Ki Bum: (6/23/2008)

Name: 김기범 / Kim Ki Bum (Kim Gi Beom)
Profession: Actor & Singer
Birthdate: 1987-Aug-21
Height: 179cm
Weight: 58kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Family: Cousin/actor Shin Dong Wook
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

TV Series:

Happy Events at Chunja’s (MBC, 2008)
Snow Flower (SBS, 2007)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2006)
Marrying a Millionaire (SBS, 2005)
Sharp 2 (KBS2, 2005)
April Kiss (KBS2, 2004)


Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)


C&C phone
Elite Uniforms (with BoA*)
Ottogi Noodle (with Kim Hee Chul, Go Ah Ra & Jung Hwa Young)
My Chew (with Sugar)
Modern automobile “NF SONATA”


Education: Santa Monica High School (Santa Monica, California, U.S.A)
Skills: Dancing, Singing, & Acts in a play/English
Languages: Korean & English
KPOP group: Super Junior
Religion: Christianity

Credits: koreandrama.org

왕자님 김기범 링크 { Affiliates & Links Out }
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{★} 왕자님 김기범: LINK US! {★}

Website URL: http://community.livejournal.com/prince_kimkibum/

{★} 왕자님 김기범: AFFILIATES! {★}

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